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Born in Palermo, the FiberSite is a production company in the dental industry that aims to achieve high quality products.

The FiberSite post is going to begin offering the new system of pins stump Post Fibers, designed and patented by Dr Giuseppe Corradi (already invented the tray Dental Tray System) for the reconstruction of the coronal morphology of teeth treated endodontically many compromises.

The system (CE n: 1738) is an important innovation in the scientific landscape of these years and has been tested with regard to biocompatibility, at the Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Pathophysiology for the Department of Surgical Oncology and the University of Palermo.

Was also used on the U. O. therapy and prosthetics stomatological Implantoprotesi Science Department
"G. Messina" University of Palermo
, who confirmed the clinical benefits for patients and the ergonomics for the operator due to technological innovation system.

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